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Baseball and ballet? Definitely!

Baseball and Ballet Pointe Shoes

It may be hard to believe but we, at Trienawear, have come to love baseball! And today is Opening Day at Yankee Stadium here in NYC!!

Exciting even on a cold rainy day!

We’ve found that baseball and ballet aren’t so very far apart.

Baseball players definitely move with grace and rhythm. The MLB players train for years and are the best of the best, however, as is the same for any athlete and dancer, a perfect performance is never guaranteed. We marvel at the “extension” and control of the pitcher - the split-second coordination of the batter – the herculean jumps & dives of the players on the field!

The sense of anticipation and excitement of a fan before the game mirrors the anticipation and excitement of an audience member before a performance. After the game is over and the crowd empties the stadium, there is the feeling of wishing that we could experience it all over again – the same feeling after a beautiful ballet performance!

"Discipline, Perfection, Precision"

We recently learned that Max Kepler, a 25-year-old outfielder for the Minnesota Twins knows quite a lot about ballet. His parents, Marek Rozycki and Kathy Kepler were professional ballet dancers.His mom grew up in Texas, received a scholarship to study at the Joffrey when she was 15, and then joined the Deutsche Oper Berlin Ballet in 1984. His dad grew up in a small village in Poland, defected to the West in the early 1980’s. He later joined the Deutsche Oper Berlin Ballet and met Kathy. They married a few years later and Max was born in 1993.

When Jim Caple for ESPN interviewed Max’s parents, they both said that Max had learned how to succeed as an athlete from his parent’s careers as ballet dancers…. “discipline, perfection, precision, attention to detail and the importance of always giving your best” and “ to treat every game as if it might be the last in order to always be his best”. Exactly what we have been taught as ballet dancers from our wonderful teachers, coaches, choreographers & directors – from our very first class to our final performance.


We welcome the 2018 baseball season – Let’s Go Yankees!!

Yankees Flag


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