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Get to know our model - ❤️️ Anyssa ❤️️

For our 2nd blog post, we’d like to introduce to you our young model, 16-year-old aspiring ballerina, Anyssa Boyer.

We joyfully attended Gelsey Kirkland Academy’s wonderful Nutcracker this past season and immediately saw something special in Anyssa not only as a beautiful dancer and performer but as a person as well.

A true ballerina represents, to us, so much more than just great technique. As a physical performer she is disciplined, musical, athletic, and graceful. As a person, she is kind, gracious and generous. Mary Beth, owner/designer of Trienawear, embodied these qualities in her career as a professional ballerina and recognized the same in the young aspiring ballerina, Anyssa. She then asked Anyssa to be the model for Trienawear in our special 30th anniversary year.

As a model, Anyssa was more lovely than we ever expected. We created a short video of her during our recent photo shoot - Enjoy!

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