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We are passionate about ballet and ballerinas worldwide.  We honor the ballerina’s process, dedication, and beauty with our well-made 

classically elegant styles,  flowing fabrics, feminine details,  and flattering fit.


Our designs are original,  made in New York

City, USA,  and created with integrity from

the founder/owner's own experience as a professional ballerina.

Trienawear is a Made in NYC member

MBA Productions, Inc. dba Trienawear joyously celebrated 33 years in business in 2020!


In 1987, professional ballet dancers (the first ballerina/entrepreneurs!),  Mary Beth Budd and Allison Gonzalez designed their first ballet skirt. In 1992,  Ms. Gonzalez left the company to pursue other interests and Ms. Budd became the sole owner.  


In 1994 Newsweek magazine and a host of newspapers nationwide ran photos of Olympic figure skater, Nancy Kerrigan wearing Trienawear floral skirts.  At the Lillehammer Olympics the accomplished skater wore Trienawear during her practice sessions which were televised worldwide.  Ms. Kerrigan also chose to wear Trienawear in a nationwide Campbell's Soup commercial. 


Through the years, professional dancers in major companies have been featured wearing Trienawear's feminine and elegant collection of ballet skirts, leotards and dance dresses in such publications as Dance Magazine, The New York Times, Women's Wear Daily, New York Woman, Dance Spirit, and Dance Teacher.  Trienawear has been sold in over 500 retail stores and catalogs throughout the United States, Japan, Belgium, and Argentina.


Trienawear’s symbolic logo is a tiara made of diamonds which beautifully represents our values, our history and the ballet tradition. 


A tiara signifies nobility, enchantment, and femininity while Trienawear’s tiara illustrates these wonderful qualities and much more.


With time, precious stones are sculpted into a diamond of flawless strength and beauty; the small navy gems become the most perfect center rose diamond; the young dancer is transformed into the ballerina!

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