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I felt like a ballerina!

My amazing "dream come true" day as a Trienawear

photo shoot model


I had waited for the photo shoot day for months after continuous meet ups with Mary Beth Budd (Trienawear founder/designer) where she took my measurements and gave me a small glimpse of the tutus, leotards, ballet skirts, and ballet dresses I would wear.

I will never forget the day she had her tutus displayed on her apartment floor. Sparks filled my eyes with joy! I couldn't believe when she told me I was going to wear them. Wearing a tutu was already incredible in itself, but wearing multiple that had been especially made for Mary Beth for featured roles such as Aurora was just a dream

come true.


I have no words to describe this experience; the environment, the people, the location, the tutus, the dancewear, and the thrilling emotions. Everything was just perfect! I had already worked with Rachel Neville in the past, so I knew what I was getting myself into; professionalism and a constant striving for perfection. Rachel and her crew were already there long before me, setting up for this highly anticipated day. I entered the photo studio with my mom and aunt Larissa. I went straight into the long yet enjoyable process of makeup application and hair. That job was done beautifully by a makeup artist;

James Milligan.

Warm up

I slid on my first outfit; the simple camisole leotard in navy, my favorite of all. I then went off to a corner with a yoga mat and warmed up. I did my usual stretch routine that includes hamstring, quad, and hip flexor stretches. My mom helped too! I also included some core work to be well centered for what was ahead of me. Last but not least were splits and over-splits. While I stretched I remember seeing Rachel and Mary Beth already shooting some preview pictures that included all of Mary Beth's magnificent tutus placed on top of each other.

A ballerina dream come true

As soon as I was ready, James made a few final makeup and hair touches. I put on my pointe shoes and I was off. Posing in front of the cameras and being directed by Rachel and Mary Beth. I had a few hair changes as I changed dancewear outfits from a flowing dark blue mesh dress, to leotards and wrap skirts, and to a short ballet dress, and finally the outfit I only dreamed of wearing: a classical tutu. To top it all off, Mary Beth placed a diamond tiara on top of my head as my eyes brightened up even more; I was in heaven.

At this precise moment, I felt it: those long, happy, yet sometimes painful hours in the studio striving to reach perfection were all worth it in the end. All this work us dancers do daily are for one purpose only; to perform onstage and bring joy to the audience. Even though my “audience” in this photo shoot was quite small; this one day, I felt like I could perhaps make it. I felt like a ballerina!

Thank you

I want to thank Mary Beth from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity! Modeling for Trienawear has been a dream come true. I also want to thank my mom for always being here for me and doing everything she can for me, my aunt Larissa who took such good care of me for the last three years of my life and who became more than just an aunt. Last but not least I want to thank Bill, Rachel, James, Ana, and all who made this amazing day possible.

Trienawear Photo shoot - what an amazing day!

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