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Breana Drummond

This inspiring young lady conquered not one but two surgeries when she was only a baby to repair five holes in her heart.  We didn't know this at the time when we asked her to join Trienawear as one of our ballerina ambassadors, but instinctively we knew there was something special about her!

Her fighting spirit through her early years has served her well. She has become a beautiful, strong,  and classical 17-yr old ballerina who will be competing in two major ballet competitions this summer. 

Where were you born? Where do you live now?

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. I am currently living in Sydney, Australia.

Do you have brothers and/or sisters? And if so how many?

Yes, I have a twin brother. He is six minutes older than me and is absolutely awesome!

A young Breana Drummond and her twin brother

When did you start your ballet training and why?

 I was given the Barbie and The Nutcracker DVD when I was two years old. From there I fell in love with ballet and begged my parents to take me to classes.

A young Breana Drummond becoming a ballerina with her first ballet arabasque

What is the name of your studio and the ballet method/style they teach?

I train at Tanya Pearson Academy. We have lots of different teachers who all teach us different styles. But we sit Cecchetti and RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) exams.

 Beautiful, elegant, feminine Breana Drummond training to become a ballerina

Who is your favorite teacher or teachers and why?

I love all the teachers at Tanya Pearson Academy, I feel so lucky to work with so many incredible teachers and choreographers, but Lucinda Dunn would have to be a standout to me. It's so inspiring to be taught by Ms Dunn. 

Beautiful, elegant, feminine Trienawear ballerina Breana Drummond performing a classical ballet variation at competition

Why do you love ballet?

I love to perform and be on stage. The feeling I get when I perform is indescribable! It's such a beautiful art form.

Who is your favorite ballerina and why?

I have quite a few favourites. I absolutely love Ulyana Lopatkina though. She makes the most incredible lines and is so mesmerizing to watch.

What is your favorite ballet and why?

I love Swan Lake, the music is incredible and I love both the role of the White Swan and Black Swan.


What is your dream role?

Either dancing White Swan/Black Swan or Giselle.

Beautiful, elegant Trienawear ballerina Breana Drummond performing the Black Swan variation from the ballet Swan Lake

Do you have favorite choreographer(s) you’ve worked with?

I have absolutely loved working with Olivia Ansell and Adam Blanch at Tanya Pearson Academy. They are such amazing choreographers.

What other dance styles do you love and why?

I also enjoy contemporary. I used to love jazz when I was younger, but as I got older it was difficult to fit in jazz with all my hours of ballet.

Are you participating in any ballet competitions? If so what will you be performing?

Yes! I will be performing Aurora's Wedding from Sleeping Beauty and a contemporary solo choreographed by Olivia Ansell.

Beautiful, elegant Trienawear ballerina Breana Drummond performing Aurora's wedding variation from the Sleeping Beauty ballet

What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me is to wake up at about 6.00am, and leave the house at around 7.00am. I then catch the train to ballet. I usually arrive at about 8.00am. I then start warm up classes at 8:30am. Classes carry on throughout the day until 4.00pm. I then go home and I always call my Mum and Dad!

Beautiful and feminine Trienawear ballerina Breana Drummond practicing an arabasque tendu at the ballet barre

What do you love to do in your free time when you are not dancing?

I love to spend time with friends at the beach. When I am in New Zealand with my family I love to go out on the boat with them. 

Beautiful and feminine Trienawear ballerina Breana Drummond in a ballet pose at the beach in New Zealand
Beautiful and feminine Trienawear ballerina Breana Drummond in a ballet pose at the beach in New Zealand

What are your hopes and goals for your future with ballet?

My biggest goal is to be the best dancer that I can possibly be and to keep improving! I hope to one day be a ballerina with a great ballet company.

Beautiful, elegant and feminine ballerina Breana Drummond wearing her favorite Trienawear ballet leotard and skirt
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